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Icon Guide

Look for our new family of icons throughout this website. The icons will enable you to understand each product at a glance.

fillpower125.jpg FILL POWER - Fill power is measured by the amount of cubic inches that one ounce of down will fill once it expands.The higher the fill power, the better the quality and warmth. This means that a higher quality comforter will weigh less than a heavier, lower quality one; yet still provide more warmth, fluffiness, and lightweight comfort.

threadcount125.jpg THREAD COUNT AND FABRIC - Like down, the world of fabrics has its own designation of quality. It usually centers on the term; “thread count”; the finer the threads, the greater their number; and the greater their number, the better the fabric, as it is composed of thinner/finer threads which allow for more breathability and flexibility. We have a large selection of thread counts to suit every budget and taste. In addition all downright comforter and pillow shells are finished beautifully with double stitching and satin piping.

downlike125.jpg COMFOREL® DOWNLIKE FIBER – A most luxurious microfiber fill designed to imitate all the wonderful qualities of down. With Comforel® microfiber, you will experience exceptional value, true downlike warmth, incredible comfort, and softness. Absolutely hypoallergenic and ideal even for sleepers that are allergy prone.

hypoallergenic125.jpg ABSOLUTELY HYPOALLERGENIC - At Downright, all fills, down and down alternative alike, are certified to be hypoallergenic. Our down goes through a unique double wash and quadruple rinse program in order to assure even the most sensitive sleeper of pure, gentle dream inducing comfort that lasts and lasts.

euroshell125.jpg EURO SHELL – For products with this icon, we use only the latest generation of downproof fabrics from Germany, made with the exclusive SanProCare® process. SanProCare® finished fabrics are proven to be more breathable than ordinary fabrics. They are manufactured through an environmentally friendly process that enhances their natural properties such as temperature regulation, absorption and release of moisture and superior durability.

bafflebox125.jpg BAFFLED BOX DESIGN - Comforters with this icon feature a baffled box construction. Our three-dimensional baffle box design features interior walls (baffles) that connect the top and bottom fabrics along the stitching lines for optimum lofting, even distribution, and greater durability.

boxdesign125.jpg BOX STITCH DESIGN - Comforters with this icon feature a box stitch construction. A box-stitch construction secures down in separate compartments that keep the down evenly distributed across the entire area of the comforter.

duelfill125.jpg DUAL FILL - A unique two-in-one pillow offering a dual fill. The interior is filled with a resilient 95/5 feather fill, while the exterior is filled with the finest white down. It is the perfect choice for those who want a firm and supportive pillow with a soft and fluffy exterior.

downfeather125.jpg DUAL COMPARTMENT - The Deluxe Featherbed features a dual compartment designed for the ultimate in comfort & luxury. It is overfilled with feathers on the bottom for support, and topped with a thick layer of the softest 600 fill power white goose down.

vertical125.jpg VERTICAL CHANNEL - The classic featherbed features a vertical channel and a 4” gusset finished off with a diamond quilted top for extra comfort and durability.

satinflange125.jpg SATIN FLANGE - This blanket features a 3” color-coordinating satin trim for a beautiful finish.